A-1 Forensic Lock Service
2121 W. Sylvania Ave.
Toledo, Ohio 43613

A-1 Forensic Lock Service
specializes in the examination and analysis of stolen and recovered vehicles. We serve primarily the Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky area. Though our services have been provided in Arizona, Minnesota, North Dakota, New Jersey, New York, and Canada as well.

*Fire Debris Analysis:
Digging; extraction and examination of hardware, using a unique method of sifting and washing designed to find even the smallest steering column components.

*Vats Module and Transponder Analysis; verification of module location.

*Steering Column Specialists; Court Qualified, experienced, licensed, fully insured.

*State of the Art equipment and procedures to ensure accurate key track evaluation, a critical element in the fight against auto theft.

*Evidence Retention in a secure, climate-controlled environment.

*Still Photo and Video Documentation for accurate depiction of evidence.

*Microscopic Photography.

*Written reports with documented photos.

*Prompt Service for time-critical claims; preliminary verbal reports provided to expedite the insurance/investigative process.

*On-Site Service anywhere in the United States and receive fire debris and components shipped to our facility.

*Training and Seminars.

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